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Why this website ?

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In another life, I used several 3D modelers. I have long dreamed of a free equivalent, our FreeCAD friends did it !
So I decided to bring my small grain of sand to the building, sharing my experience in mechanical design.


There are many ways to work in a modeler.

I do not claim to own the method, but I know from experience that to start, a little methodology is very useful.

This is why I have developed some basic ideas from my point of view. Your turn to judge.


By practicing FreeCAD, you will then develop your own experience and refine your own way of working.

For beginners, what is a geometric modeler ?

A geometric modeler usually allows you to interactively create :

The modelers are parametric, that is to say that one can record dimensions or geometrical constraints (perpendicularity, concentricity, coincidence, relations between identical volumes, relations between parts of an assembly, etc ...).

Thanks to this configuration, the modifications of the constraints will instantly generate the modification of the model.

In addition, they are associative : the 3D model being unique, the modification of a constraint of the model has repercussions on the other studies (drawings, mechanical studies, of manufacture), from where a high efficiency in the industry.

Warning :

I am not English-speaking, and despite the care given to my translation, it is likely that some of my remarks will not always be in appropriate language. Thank you to let me know  on the FreeCAD forum or at this address.