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The workbench used to create drawings of mechanical parts or assemblies is called :    


TechDraw, for creating general views (various perspectives), standard views, section views, detail views, auxiliary views, ...

These pages use
FreeCAD version 0.22
from 08/28/2023


Before you create a drawing, you must verify a few parameters in the software options depending on the desired result :

Refer to the wiki page and set your preferences for using TechDraw, specifically :

European (1st angle) or American (3rd angle) projection method ;

line style for hidden edges, axes, ...

the drawing scale defined by the drawing page, personalized or automatic depending on the format of the template ;

etc ...


In these few pages I will simply show the fundamental elements which will allow you to start your drawings, then to improve subsequently by following the evolutions of TechDraw and the presentation of its tools in the wiki concerning it.


Here are the 3D files used in these tutorials :