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Create a wheel

Shape analysis

Observation of the object shows the following geometrical features : 

we observe on the object a symmetry of revolution apart from a few details, which
    allows to create the object first by revolution of a profile ;

five identical recesses on the rims.


The proposed construction chronology

There are obviously always several possible construction trees.

You can see the details by clicking on the icon-image at the top left.


How to do it with the FreeCad modeler ?

Each stage of construction is detailed below.

You will access it by clicking in the tree on the stage to consult


Information :

Webm videos are available when you see the icon " ".

For file size reasons, they are kept to a minimum, but you can stop or restart them by pressing SpaceKey or clicking on the video.


Note :
Do not forget to close the video window after consultation because the following could be hidden by the main window.

You can see the details
of the construction chronology by clicking
on the icon-image above.

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