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Use master sketches


























Preferably, the master sketches are created at the start of the project, independently of any body, in the directly open Sketcher workbench.

Example : water well and its carpentry

Three master sketches are used for the
construction of the 3D model of the well :

- the basic sketch of the wall in the XY plane,

- the sketch of the frame in the shape of
  a warhead in the XZ plane,

- the sketch of the roof profile in the XZ plane.


NB : sketches 1 and 2 are visible in white on the 3rd
to show the relative positions of the geometries.

  (Click on the links ...)

Review the three
master sketches


See construction details.


How to use these sketches ?

You can: (see list on the left)

- link dimensions between sketches,

- link dimensions between body or files,

- create linked external geometries
   to the master sketches,

- make "carbon copies" of the master sketches
   to reuse all or part of their geometry,

- etc., etc ...