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Go further with PartDesign WB : linked geometries

Step 1 : create master sketches  (Click on the links ...)

Three master sketches are used for the construction of the 3D model of the well :

NB : Sketches 1 and 2 are visible in white on the 3rd, itself folded into the XZ plane, to show the relative
positions of the geometries.

- the basic sketch of the wall in the XY plane,

not absolutely necessary, but which defines the basic dimensions
of the well.

- the sketch of the frame in the shape of a warhead in the XZ plane,

which defines the opening in the wall, the frame himself and the
skylight supports;

- the sketch of the roof profile in the YZ plane,

to define the different components of the frame. 


For greater clarity, only the constraints used to define
driver parameters
are shown on the pictures.

The construction of these sketches is detailed on a video :