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Construct a subassembly for each equivalence class




The global assembly (AG) contains 3 classes of kinematic equivalence CE1, CE2 i1 and CE2 i2.


CE1, "chassis" class, consists of the "chassis" (immobilized as reference or built by the "Locked" constraint) and 4 instances of the part "self-lubricating pad" (i1, i2, i3 and i4), each being in connection "Attachment" (0 DOF) with the chassis.


CE2, "axle" class, consists of a "wheel axle" (reference) and 2 instances of the part "wheel" (i1 and i2), each being in connection "Attachment" (0 DOF) with the wheel axle.


In AG, the CE1 class is the reference; CE2 will have 2 instances (i1 and i2), each being linked by "PlaneCoincident" (1 rotating DOF) with CE1.







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In any case, you must prepare the structure of your future assembly.


If we take as simple example the van built in the pages of the help "Create a mechanical part", we have 4 files: wheel_axle, self-lubricating pad, wheel, chassis.

Here is how our assembly will be structured :


The principle of creation or construction of a 3D assembly is a repetitive or sequential principle defined by the graph opposite.


For more details on the principle, view the examples.