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Go further with Asm 3 WB


In the previous examples, we have used Asm 3 WB intuitively and naturally when it comes to creating constraints.

When you want to create assemblies in a more rigorous and reliable way (especially for more complex assemblies), it is interesting to use more in depth the possibilities of Asm 3 WB.


See the wiki of Realthunder, the creator of Asm 3 WB :


We will see in a simple example some of these possibilities : 


How to wrap each piece in an assembly container.


How to create and manage the constraining elements.


How to create kinematics equivalence classes.


How to create the general assembly.


How to complete the geometry of certain parts inside the assembly.


Objective of the example :

Create a guided cart using commercially available parts such as a double hardened
    aluminum rail and guide pad.


Position the plate fixing holes in the assembly from the positions of the holes in the
    commercial parts.