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Important : To work rigorously in a complex project in Assembly3, it is necessary to start the assembly structure from the beginning.

Creation of the first assembly containers

1- Creating the general assembly

2- Inserting the 00AsFrame subassembly
    (already made) in 000AsF16MainLandingGear

  ... and immobilization in 000AsF16MainLandingGear



3- Creating the master sketch MasterSk and subassembly 10AsMasterSketch

... and positioning in 000AsF16MainLandingGear 


Work organization

4- Inserting BodyMasterSk
    in 00AsMasterSketch and creation
    of assembly elements


5- Immobilization of 00AsMasterSketch
    in 000AsF16MainLandingGear (global ass.)


6- Creation of other components
    by positioning their origins and orientations
    in general assembly